The Roots of Barefeet

A little bit of how we got to where we are…

I (Summer) NEVER thought I would be involved in the starting up of a new business. Seriously guys, if someone mentioned Business Studies or the word “Entrepreneurship” in school, I would start feeling queazy.  Now, I’m not speaking for the rest of our awesome Barefeet team, but I have the job of writing the blog posts… so… here’s our story from my standpoint.


Bernard and Thomas became best friends in a gap-year programme all 3 of us went to after school. A bunch of 19 year olds, passionate, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot creative. We all interacted here and there until Bernard and I hit it off as good friends and he became my pathway to marrying Thomas! Who would have known…

Bernard would come to visit Thomas and myself often once we had gone our different ways, and he had begun shooting weddings after studying media for a year. We would cry watching every single wedding video he showed us and proceed to lecture him for an hour about how this is what the world needs! Wedding videos that show the heart and soul of a wedding day… His journalistic approach, the precious moments he captured, the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ perspective. “You need to grow your business!” Cue excitement from Tom’s side and queasiness from mine.

Fast forward a year and Thomas was serious about getting involved with Bernard and helping him in every way he could to get his wedding videography business up and  growing. We truly believed that this would be successful. So… despite the nausea, I dived in. “We need a name!” And Barefeet Videography was born. Thomas and Bernard are some of the most chilled guys you will ever meet, and they are bare foot basically every day in summer. This seemed amazingly suitable and the name has evolved into something ever more glorious each year since.





I helped with the creation of a Facebook page for Barefeet and I was desperate to get it out there! I didn’t profess to know much, except that I believed in our product. I also did all the admin and bookings until the workload became too heavy, and then my amazing mom (Glynda) came on board and took over the administrative side of things. Bernard and Thomas worked extremely hard, driving from province to province shooting weddings, once word got out, and our company grew 967% in the first year of its existence. They edited day and night for a very long time.

Mine and Tom’s first baby was born as he went into Barefeet full-time and of course, Bernard became the godfather. We were extremely blessed that our day job was one we were passionate about and we were able to have Iris around most of the time.

Barefeet continued to grow, and we grew in gratefulness to God, because we knew that what was happening was not possible without His hand of blessing and favour. Jesse, my brother, was planning a move to Cape Town and so a spark entered our minds. “What if we train Jesse and he can become our Western Cape videographer!?” We had been receiving so many enquiries from Cape Town that we had to turn down. YES!!! It happened. Jesse learned like a pro, started shooting like a pro, and now is our very own Cape Town pro.

So, this was an extreme nutshell, but here we are today, still blessed enough to be filming, editing and marketing love stories every day of our lives. A shoutout to all of you who saw (and see) the spark in us and our work, and make this life of ours possible!